Greg Hall

Greg “Mr. 45-70” Hall was born in Gilliam, Louisiana in the Red River bottoms of northwest Louisiana. He graduated from LA Tech University in 1974 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. When he and his wife Becky aren’t in Bossier Parish, Louisiana tending to their ranch, they enjoy spending time at the family’s Double G Ranch in Val Verde County, Texas.

An avid hunter, outdoorsman and reloader, Greg has hunted every year since 1972 in his favorite deer-hunting state, Texas. His  other hunting adventures range from Louisiana to the plains of Africa, the Andes of Argentina, the high peaks of the Yukon, the dove fields of Mexico, the Rockies of Wyoming, and the mesas of New Mexico. There is no telling where his next adventure may be. 

Dennis Branton

Dennis Branton’s passion for hunting was ignited at age 10 when his uncles took him deer hunting. Later, Dennis’s next door neighbor introduced him to duck hunting. His passion for the outdoors was so strong that he graduated with a degree in Wildlife Management in 1977. Finding time to hunt was difficult while working in the oil and gas industry, but Dennis managed to share his love of hunting with his son and daughter.

Dennis has hunted elk in Wyoming and New Mexico, bagged waterfowl in Canada, stalked plains game in Africa and fished in the Cayman Islands.

Vincent (Vinny) Reynolds

Vinny was born in State College, Pennsylvania. Before he could walk, he had a .22 or a fishing pole in his hand. The one thing Vinny loves for more then the outdoors is this great nation. He decided the best way to give back was through a career in the U.S. Army.He attended Fort Benning’s University of men, and has been around the world a few times with the Army serving in both theaters of War on Terror. During his last deployment in Afghanistan, he was leading a patrol when he stepped on an IED resulting in loss of his left leg below the knee. After rehab at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Vinny attended Pennsylvania State University majoring in Economics, but his heart always yearned to be outdoors. Vinny did one year as a pro bass fisherman winning an all-military national championship. Group up in the back woods of PA, he was rooted in the hunting world and decided to join the Old School Outdoors team as the Marketing Director of Veterans Liaison. Vinny’s hunting experiences extend from South Texas to Wisconsin and from Washington to Pennsylvania in pursuit of both large and small game.